Why enter

  • Because they are the only Greek awards that include all product categories, from food to natural cosmetics, and are held in Greece.
  • Because it is the most specialized product evaluation and tasting panel being set up in Greece. Numerous tasters and panel leaders, selected one by one for their criteria, experience, integrity and reliability.
  • Because you increase the sales and recognition of your product and company.
  • Because 80 judges and the most specialized product evaluation and tasting panel in Greece will evaluate your product. A large number of connoisseurs and panel leaders are chosen one by one for their experience, integrity, and reliability.
  • Because you gain popularity, more direct sales, and expand your contacts with a sizable network of merchants, the buying public, journalists and professionals.
  • Because with your participation you come under the umbrella of the Specialist Awards which offers multiple benefits with over 25,000 contacts of merchants, journalists, magazines, influencers in Greece and all over the world.
  • Because reliabilitycredibility, and transparency are assured in the evaluation of products entered in competition.
  • Because there are multiple rating criteria for each participating product.
  • For the holistic approach to the way of evaluation (many judges from different fields of action, numerous evaluation criteria) that have a multifactorial effect.
  • Because we have created a rating system which shows judges how to employ all five senses as well as umami – to rate a product.
  • Because the competition supports the evaluation process with the visual identity of the product visible. Thus the judge processes the whole result of a product, having a complete picture of it. This is the innovative application highlighted and implemented by the Specialist Awards.
  • Because the winners will receive comprehensive feedback concerning judges’ opinions about their product, as well as quality seals, making their product stand out among others on the shelf.
  • Because when a Greek product is given an award in its place of origin by an authentic institution, its brand awareness increases dramatically.
  • Because our only goal is to promote the contemporary Greek brand name.
  • Because we respect your product and treat it responsiblyfaithfully, and respectfully.
  • Because we are reciprocating the trust you’ve shown us since 2016.
  • Because this way you will confirm the value of your product.

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