Specialist Awards 2019

Specialist Awards Gourmet Exhibition introduced the Specialist Awards. Any food product is eligible to participate and be judged by a panel of food writers and professional tasters.

This year’s panel consisted of tasters / culinary journalists, Alexandra Anthidou, Nikoleta Makryonitou, Giorgos Pitta, Ioanna Stamoulou and Eleni Psychouli.

The 2019 Winners are:

Gold: Loukoumi Syrros, Sykoutris
Silver: Kavourmas Lemnou , Palaistros
BronzeEFKRATO olive oil

Gold: Plumolives, Ainatzoglou Family Farm
Silver: Kalamata OlivesTerra Creta
Bronze: Organic unsalted olives, Genuine Tastes 

Gold: Anise honey, Bee Naturalles
Silver: Honey from Paliouri, Beekeeper Family
Bronze: Chestnut Honey, Elawon

Gold: Movie Chocolate, Cocoowa
Silver: Ladolea, olive oil
Bronze: Monogram, olive oil

: Goat Kavourmas Lemnou , Palaistros
Silver: Organic Barley Bread-Rusks, Astarti
BronzeBread & Butter ChipsLagadas Farms

Gold:Black honey chocolate Cocoowa
Silver: Maron, olive oil
Bronze: Gluten free pasta, Niama Gluten Free

Innovative Idea:
Flexi-Wheels & The Cartel of Flavors

During the 2016 Specialist Awards Gourmet Exhibition, we proudly  introduced the Public Awards where all visitors have the opportunity to vote for the best products exhibited. [Public Award Winners 2017]

The categories are:

  • Olive oil
  • Delicacies
  • Personal care
  • Innovation
  • Packaging

A voting card will be provided when a ticket is purchased. At the end of the visit all are kindly requested to place their vote into the appropriate boxes which are located by the exit. The public’s most favorite products will be the winners of the competition. The awards will be presented during a special  ceremony on Sunday April 7,2019.

The rules are printed in the back of each voting card.
Valid are only the votes given to products exhibited during the 3rd Specialist Awards Gourmet Exhibition. All other votes will be invalid. A vote should be given to only one product of each category. Votes are collected and counted by a three-member committee at the end of each day.