Evaluation procedure

The evaluation procedure relies on the following 

  • Recorded evaluation criteria based on the five senses plus a new, innovative criterion we are applying using the sixth sense of UMAMI.
  • Five judges per panel, with one serving as head judge.
  • Qualitative analysis of each product using multiple criteria for each sense.
  • Visible packaging and contact with products, with the goal of achieving a holistic approach to their evaluation.
  • Comprehensive, specialized panel consisting of taste-testers, professors, researchers, chefs, food journalists and theoreticians.
  • Transparency, validity, consistency.
  • 4 award categories:
    • Platinum 95,0 – 100, 0
    • Gold 85,0 – 94,9
    • Silver 75,0 – 84,9
    • Bronze 65,0 – 74,9

The evaluation stages are the following:    

  • Forwarding of samples to the organizing firm between 15 February and 28 February 2021. All samples received within this period will be considered eligible for participation.
  • Recording of each participating product; storage of samples under appropriate conditions.
  • Transfer of samples to the sites where evaluation will be carried out.
  • Evaluation and tasting by the judges’ panels, through completion of the official evaluation form used by Specialist Awards for each participating product and each award category.
  • A check on the validity of the evaluation forms and their collection in a closed receptacle according to award category.
  • Scoring by award category by a five-member committee.
  • Publication of results by award category.